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Difference between Minecraft and Stellar overload?
what is the difference between minecraft and Stella overload in every aspect ,such mechanics ,graphic ,gameplay,etc?
Which is the better game for you?
Kebap wrote Apr-13-2017, 01:27 PM:
Please use meaningful thread titles. Renamed thread from "What is the difference ?" to "Difference between Minecraft and Stellar overload?"
Well, one is released, and the other is still in development.  It isn't really a fair comparison on any front, when one of them isn't even really a game yet.
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It's dangerous to go alone!  Take this: https://docs.python.org/3/library/index.html
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I like minecraft better. I dont really play anymore though.
Minecraft went in alpha in 2010 so they have like a 7 year head start. I started playing Minecraft in 2010 and havent really played it since Microsoft bought it. Whether that is because it lost the "Notch Touch" or i just got sick of it after all the years im not sure yet. I started playing minecraft initially because it was unique to other games in that time. Ill play other games that make things unique which usually these days seems to be only indie games and small dev companies.

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