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 Divisors shared the second numbers
I am a beginer in Python's programming, so i began with easy programming problems.
The goal is to show the divisors shared by the two numbers entered by the user.
I cannot figure out where is my mistake when i try to store in z list the divisors shared by the two numbers.

a = int(input("\n Enter first number a = "))
b = int(input("\n Enter a second number b = "))

x = []
for i in range (1, a+1):
	if(a % i == 0):
print("\n " + str(x))

y = []
for j in range (1, b+1):
	if(b % j == 0):
print("\n " + str(y))

z = []
for m in range (len(x)):
	for n in range (len (y)):
		if(x[m] == y[n]):
print("\n " + str(z))
You should iterate over the list, not the indexes of the list, as shown here. Your last loop should use the in operator:

for m in x:
    if m in y:
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