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 Does O365 work with Office 2016
I was looking for project ideas for "Python/Office" apps and ran across the O365 project. It looks very useful but unfortunately our environment isn't using Office 365; instead we are on Office 2016.

Combing over the data sheets and information, I can find on the project I see nowhere stating point blank that it only works with Office 365 or a list of compatible Office versions.

I'm curious if anyone has tried this with an Office version other than 365, or has knowledge of compatibility with Office 2016.

It would be awesome, if I could use this.

well, it states point blank it works with Office365 (i.e. online/web version of MS products).
There are other packages working with local/offline version of MS Office files
pandas also works with excel/csv files
to name a few

Maybe if you elaborate on what your goals are....
Sure Buran!

I work in a dynamic environment of a large manufacture. I'm most interested in tools that can help me scrape data from web apps, work with any of the office apps, send email (through outlook), scan email messages. The outcome of these would be to compile data and do reporting.

The common thinking is that the people I work for should just fork over the money for tools and utilities to do this sort of thing, but that isn't going to happen.

I see several ways that data is displayed on internal web apps and sites that useful information that can be compiled into meaningful reports and documents.

That is a broad brush, but the if I have the tools then I know what I can use them to produce. There is no fixed purpose.

well, I was hoping for more focused answer :-)
I mean python is perfect for all these kind of things and there are various tools.
I would suggest the best approach is to select a single task/report you want to automate and start from there. then add another and another, etc. i.e. not looking for a tool and then find how you can use it, but reverse - what you want to achieve, then look for proper tools
Yeah, that's what I was afraid I would hear.... the O365 project made me think that possibly someone had come up with a multi-tool module for office to give you some level of all.. course there Win32Com which has a a lot office access, just not as robust as I might wish.

Thanks for your validation of my suspicion. I will endeavor to adapt! Big Grin

Marking this thread DONE! Silenced

Have a good weekend!

In my previous post I have shared links to several packages that work with ms office files. Win32com/pywin32 is just yet another option.
As to another aspect - working with web apps - it's a huge topic in itself - e.g. does it have API, is there python bindings/SDK, if not - is it sufficient to use tools like requests/beautiful soup/scrapy or tools like Selenium will be needed.
Creating reports/web app/visualization is separate huge topic.
At the end to mention automation tools like pywinauto, pyautogui
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I hope you didn't think I was disappointed with your answer before.. This additional info it even more helpful. I'm a long time coder, but just have started to work with Python so at this point I'm an information sponge when it comes to all things Python related; far from the saturation point!

But since I have your attention, where do I got to create/edit my signature on this board. Looked around but didn't see it!

Again, many thanks!
(Jan-17-2020, 04:19 PM)KipCarter Wrote: I hope you didn't think I was disappointed with your answer before..
ha-ha-ha, don't worry at all, no such thing :-)

For the signature - Top left corner -> UserCP -> Your Profile section (on the left-hand side menu) -> Change Signature

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