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 Drag and Drop GUI

I am currently looking for a python (drag and drop) GUI. Is there one in Eclipse Neon? I can't seem to find one. All I can see is the TKinter, which is already installed in my PC but would want to save time coding the design and focus more on the "back-end coding".
I'm pretty sure you can find what you are looking for in Qt5
You will need to install PyQt5 to use in python.
take a look at
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You can look at my app here.
It's a demo usage of my application for Norwegian Tv,drag and drop of url addresses to GUI.
I use WxPython as GUI,i distribute this to Windows all versions(Xp to Win-10 no Python install required) and Linux.

WxPython Phoenix! has now finally been released for Python 3.
As mention PyQt and also Python GTK+ 3 has support for drag and drop
You can even find a couple drag/drop designers for Tkinter, but the ones I tried are not as good as Qt Designer or Glade

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