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 Duplicate Pages in a PDF
I'm running Python 2.6.6. The pdfrw installer put it in the "python2.7" folder. I moved the pdfrw folder to the "python2.6" folder and it did import correctly to the python script. So I'm heading in the right direction. But I now have a file name problem. I'll hash it out soon and re-post when I have more time.
I did finally manage to duplicate pages in a pdf successfully in Linux with pdftk (not pdfrw). I made this entry in a C shell script and referenced it with a python script:

if ( "$QD_JOBCF7" == "FM_550" ) then
pdftk output.pdf cat 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 output myfile.pdf
mv myfile.pdf output.pdf
setenv QD_JOB_PAGECNT pdfPageCount output.pdf

Then I entered these 2 entries in my python script:

if ('FM-550' in product):
		dupeType = 'FM_550'
		folderTotal = '%s-Sided_SS_50s' % siding
print "setenv QD_JOBCF7 '%s'" % dupeType

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