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 Dynamic function name
I have to use dynamic function name which is defined after some decorator:
def dynamic():
  return 'somethin'
Something like:

some_var = 'value'
def f'dynamic_{some_var}'(): # syntax error, but if it was available, would have been a nice feature
  return 'somethin'
You can do something like this:

def create_func(name):
    def myfunc(*args, **kwargs):
        print(args, kwargs)
        # write function content here
    return myfunc

func_name = 'mys'
decorator = lambda x: x  # entity decorator
globals()[func_name] = decorator(create_func(func_name)) 

mys(3,4, name='sample')
(3, 4) {'name': 'sample'}
Sorry, I'm not getting it. Do you mean like?
decorator = lambda x: some_decorator
BTW, I don't have to call the function. I just have to define the function.

def dynamic..():
  return 'somethin'
(Jul-11-2019, 07:18 AM)bhojendra Wrote: Sorry, I'm not getting it. Do you mean like?
Just use some_decorator instead of decorator.
Ah, yeah. I meant that. But didn't work for me. It's actually like:

decorator = lambda x: some_decorator.some_method()
I expected it work. But it din't.

Also, tried:

some_decorator = lambda x: x.some_method()
Where, my actual function definition is like:

def dynamic():
  return 'somethin'
If your some_decorator function is already defined, you don't need to use the lambda at all. Drop line # 8 in my code above and just use some_decorator instead of decorator.

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