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Extracting data from mysql
hi, I have three objects in my program. Two QlinEdit: tpn1; tpn2 and one Qpush Button how to set a value after typing in QlineEdit tpn2 and pressing QpushButton searched the database and the possible result introduced in Qline Edit tpn1 ??? I have such a code, it works correctly but I do not know how to set the search value in the database to incur from QlineEdit tpn2 ?? Can you help ????

class Ui_MainWindow(object):
    def LoadData(self):
        conn = pymysql.connect(host="",user="admin",password="admin123",db="pyqt5")
        with conn:
            cur = conn.cursor()
            cur.execute("select* from data where name like \"fg\"") 

            for i in range(cur.rowcount):

                for row in result:

I will be doing something very simular...are there no replies to the original messag?
I have not received any answer, I am always looking for an answer to this problem. Did you find any information in this topic ??

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