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FREE jobs event with Creative Assembly, TT Games and more!
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FREE jobs event with Creative Assembly, TT Games and more!
Games Jobs Live: South Coast & Brighton is happening on Wednesday 28th April: a FREE online livestream with gamedev studios who are currently hiring!
On the livestream presenting and taking your questions we'll have Creative Assembly (Alien: Isolation, Total War), TT Games (LEGO games including LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,), Studio Gobo (worked on games for Star Wars, Formula 1, Guardians of the Galaxy & For Honor), and MAG Interactive (Ruzzle, Paint Hit, Wordbrain).
Join us to hear directly from games developers in and around the South Coast with active vacancies; who they are, what they’ve done, and most importantly, who they’re desperately looking for. The event is FREE and open to anyone, whether you’re already working in games, or you're looking to get in for the first time.
Alongside the livestream, each studio has a dedicated channel in our Discord so you can follow-up directly with each company.
Go to to find out more and sign up!
Any questions? Ask below!
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