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Forcing input from pre-defined list.
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Forcing input from pre-defined list.

 Thanks - that makes sense for me to replace the "if and elif" commands, but apart from keeping the code smaller, does it matter?
Yes, it is more pythonic and more elegant and more readable.

Regards, noisefloor
Thank you both - brilliantly explained and actually made a lot of sense :)

I am starting (slowly) to get my head around coding, and you patience is appreciated.

On this the last statement, there is an error I believe as "first, second" is not defined?

first, second = validate('Enter first number: '), validate('Enter second number: ')
op = operation(f"Enter operation (one from: {', '.join(ops.keys())}): ")   # ensures that only defined operators are listed
print(f'Answer is {op(first, second)}')

I solved the problem myself with some trial and error :)

It passes the pep8 approval too ;) Getting better for a newbie.

first = validate('Enter first number: ')
op = operation(f"Enter operation (one from: {', '.join(ops.keys())}): ")
second = validate('Enter second number: ')
print(f'Answer is {op(first, second)}')

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