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 Formatted table with headings
I'm trying to have a program print the results from a formula into a formatted table, but I can't figure out how to get it to attach heading labels to the rows so it's clear what value is which. I have:

if cs == "1":
    dA = d1
    redshift = z
    dL = d1*(1 + z)**2
    print(f"{redshift:13.3f} {dA:13.3f} {dL:13.3f}")
    dA = d2
    redshift = z
    dL = d2*(1 + z)**2
    print(f"{redshift:13.3f} {dA:13.3f} {dL:13.3f}")
which gives me:

0.500 5.407 12.165
I want it to say redshift, dA, and dL above the numbers but I can't find out how to do that anywhere.
you should always post enough of a code snippet so that it can be run, otherwise we can only approximate the proper answer
assuming fields of 17 characters each:
head = ['redshift', 'dA', 'dL']
print(f'{head[0]:17s} {head[1]:17s} {head[2]:17s}')

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