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 Four text files input combinations into an output file
Hello everyone,

I need your help about the script below.
Originally, I wanted to have all datas product from 4 text files inputs. Each text file contains from 20 to 55 lines.

The script below works as intended but now, I would like them to be saved in a text file.
I tried different ways, but I can't find a solution by myself.

I still have trouble understanding how to structure the record in a file. I specify that I don't need the different combinations appears in the editor, only in the output text file.

Can anyone provide me some help/advice ?

import fileinput
from itertools import product
from contextlib import closing

with closing(fileinput.input(['wood.txt', 'color.txt', 'year.txt', 'quality.txt'])) as f:
    for w, x, y, z in product(f, repeat=4):
            print '{}-{}-{}-{}'.format(w.rstrip('\n'),x.rstrip('\n'), y.rstrip('\n'), z.rstrip('\n'))
Quote:I tried different ways, but I can't find a solution by myself.
Post the code for the ways that you have tried and we should be able to get one of them working.
especially provide some small (2-3 lines) samples for the files 'wood.txt', 'color.txt', 'year.txt', 'quality.txt'

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