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Do any of you have any experience in Freelancing as a programmer?

I'm looking into it and I'm curious what other people's experiences are. Was it hard to get started? Did you find your clients quickly or did it take a few years?

Not asking for your business secrets.
Just your experience. :)

Yours Sincerely,
I have no experience in freelancing as a programmer but have a lot of as smth else on Upwork. If you have any questions about that platform please be free to ask. But smth tells me that if you're good with python there are better, more specialized, web sites where you can get remote/freelance jobs. Keep in mind that being a programmer-freelancer is probably harder than working in a company where you can ask your colleagues for help.
Thank you Truman, I'll have to look into it some more. Upwork sounds interesting! But I understand that a lot of task will come my way if I do this.

Thank you!
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