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 GNS3 telnet from bash terminal to virtual cisco router
I am running Ubuntu and have installed GNS3. I followed the tutorial on the basics of setting up a couple of cisco routers here: and have enabled telnet with the lines

line vty 0 4
password cisco
transport input telnet

and done enable password cisco

So I can ping and telnet between the two virtual routers, but telnet from my bash terminal works oddly. If I specify the ip ( it won't go through. If I use it goes to my laptop login. If I try 5000 it goes to R1 but goes straight in without asking for a password. On another site, someone said it could be a hosts issue, but I am a noob here and don't want to mess with my hosts file unless I am sure it won't mess up my laptop. Anyone have any experience with this?
what are trying to achieve a connection between ubuntu and gnns3? from ubuntu are you able to reach 10.1.1.x?
No. I can telnet to but it doesn't ask for username or password which are set via config.

okay, just tried it and it wont even telnet to 192.168...etc now. It is like they are losing config after closing gns3.
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