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 Generating number of objects for a game

I've started working on my game in Python, using tkinter (so not any pygame or other gaming libraries). I have already made some steps in my plan, what to create and what should the overall game logic look like, but I stuck on one point. I cannot understand, or I cannot imagine, how to create a generator of number of some, let's say enemies, or cars. What I want to do is to create some road and let a huge number of cars spawning and moving there, each car using the same logic given for cars generally. Please, can you give me any hint, how could I create such a generator of objects, using one and the same logic each? I know I should use some classes and parentship, but that's all I can imagine now.

I will appreciate any help. Thank you!
You create instances of your class:

class Car(object):
    # class code goes here.

car1 = Car()
car2 = Car()
Or better yet, cars = [Car() for car in range(num_cars)].
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Here's a generator of objects
print([object for i in range(10)])
[<class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>, <class 'object'>]
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Thank you guys, this idea helped me a lot!

I'd like to know one other thing now, related to mouse events. This is a part of my code:

class ClassName:

    def __init__(self):

    ... # other methods

    def click(self, event):
        x, y = event.x, event.y
        if x > 150:
            self.canvas.bind('<Motion>', self.choose_car)
            move_car_cursor = True
        if move_car_cursor:
            move_car_cursor = False
            self.canvas.bind('<ButtonPress>', self.place_car)

    def choose_car(self, event):
        x, y = event.x, event.y
        except AttributeError:
        self.car_to_put = self.canvas.create_image(x, y, image=self.car1_image)

    def place_car(self, event):
        ... # not implemented yet
So, as you can see, what I want to do is to choose a car (from some menu) and then put this car somewhere in canvas (on a road). But I have somehow lost in how bind functions work. After selecting a car from menu, it's picture should appear behind the cursor (while moving with cursor) - that works, but then, after second click somewhere on canvas, this image should be removed and displayed a new one - static on canvas (this is not completely implemented yet). I'm afraid, that the way how did I create these mouse event functions is not, in order to do this, correct. Can you help me?


EDIT: It's me kom2, I somehow lost my account password, but found it again. :D

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