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Get the info from 2 different rows in the same column using a one key
Hi all,
Again I need your support!
I have the following excel file info:

Using the key “Site ID” I want to find the VLAN XXX about the key1 but if you observe the excel I have 2 rows for the same key1, I have the identification for the first row as “key1” and for the second row it’s blank but nevertheless that row also contains info about “key1”.


this is the coding:
 excel_file = u'*Personal SUR GUL EPT 20190103*'
 controller_file = u'*IPs Controladoras*'
 ip_plan_file = u'*IP PLAN South_2*'
 controller_Dict = LOAD_EXCEL_FILE(controller_file, "Sheet1", 1, "key2")
 ip_plan_Dict = LOAD_EXCEL_FILE(ip_plan_file, "Sheet2", 1, "Site ID")
 Site_2G_Dict = LOAD_EXCEL_FILE(excel_file,"Sheet3", 1, "Site Name")
 Base_Station_row_list = []
 Site_list = READ_TXT_FILE("site_list")
 for sites in Site_list:
     if sites not in Site_2G_Dict.keys(): # Check if SiteID exist in excel file
         print sites, "Not present in Personal excel file"
 Site_2G_Info = Site_2G_Dict[sites]
 h = Site_2G_Info[0].attr("Site ID")
 # Device IP Address info
     for device_ip in ip_plan_Dict:
         if device_ip != h: continue
         device_ipplan_info = ip_plan_Dict[device_ip]
         i = device_ipplan_info[0].attr("IP Address")
with this coding, I can get the IP Address info “i =” but I don’t want the IP I want the VLAN XXX info “i = VLAN 1000”
Thanks in advance
Gribouillis wrote Jan-10-2019, 09:52 PM:
Fixed python tag, see BBCode help.

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