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 Get value of wx grid cell
I created added 5 wx grids in a list and populated data. And also created an event as below. when clicking a cell, it will print the number of row and column of the selected cell on that grid (don't know which grid). How do I get the value of the cell? Thanks.

def OnCellSelected(self, event):
print(event.GetRow(), event.GetCol())
hello - use wx.Grid.GetCellValue(self, row, col)
returns value as string

index to all API docs (by category) here:

Index of wx docs here:

grid documentation here:
GetCellValue(self, *args, **kw)

   Returns the string contained in the cell at the specified location.

   For simple applications where a grid object automatically uses a default grid table of string values you use this function together with SetCellValue to access cell values. For more complex applications where you have derived your own grid table class that contains various data types (e.g. numeric, boolean or user-defined custom types) then you only use this function for those cells that contain string values.

   See wx.grid.GridTableBase.CanGetValueAs and the Grid Overview for more information.

   overload Overloaded Implementations:

   ------------------- method one ----------------
   GetCellValue (self, row, col)

       row (int) –
       col (int) –

   Return type:


   ------------------- method two ----------------
   GetCellValue (self, coords)
   Parameters: coords (wx.grid.GridCellCoords) –
   Return type: string

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