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Guido van Rossum does not care about the opinion of the community.
I think you are a troll,as you also had problem with Wikipedia.
Kirill_Dubovitskiy Wrote:I added a few of my ideas to the discussion of Wikipedia articles.
My ideas were deleted, because Wikipedia is not a forum.
And the other person just banned me, the reason: "trolling".
I could not understand what he called "trolling". GreatProject!?
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I created a new topic, because the admin closed the old one.

He argued his actions as follows:
"I think you are a troll,as you also had problem with Wikipedia."...

You are troll, blablabla... Hey, everybody, close your ears and do not listen to him.

A very convenient excuse to get rid of an uncomfortable topic and try to shut down a member of the community who is dissatisfied with the actions of the project leader.

Yes, indeed some moderator banned me there, but I complained about his actions and I was almost immediately unbanned.
I added my ideas to the discussion of the articles.
But my additions were deleted. ("Wikipedia is not a forum.")
And some moderator thought it was trolling. He just hurried to conclusions.
And I honestly wrote about all this on Twitter:

The local admin (from python-forum) read this post and tried to use it against me.

He is just sneaky man.

3 people put on the likes. These are the other two admins and one user. A user with a low IQ? and 2 admin, which will always support the actions of the third administrator of course.

And what has changed in the end? As a result, it became even worse.
Let everyone see how much the Python rotten project.
Starting a new thread to continue a discussion which was closed, and insulting the intelligence members of the forum, seems like a good way to get banned. It doesn't matter what good you believe you have to say, you need to not be a jerk while saying it.

Also, this forum is separate from the core Python developers. To my knowledge, they're totally disjoint. If you want to complain to the actual people involved, they use mailing lists.
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