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 Hakkerank problem I can't solve
I attempted a python task on Hackerrank, but my code seems to have a problem I can't fix. The first input is for the number of students, the second set for the name of the student(s) and the marks of 3 subjects. The third input is for the student whose marks the code is supposed to calculate the average of. My code does not accurately match the scores of the last input with the corresponding scores in the second input. Someone pls help me. I can't figure out the problem.

n = int(input()) # first input
sum = 0
scores_needed = 0
student_marks = {}
for i in range(n):
    line = input().split() # second set of input
    name = line[0]
    scores = line[1:]
    student_marks[name] = scores
query_name = input() # third input
for i in student_marks:# this for loop is the part of the code causing issue(s)
    if query_name == i:
        scores_needed = student_marks.get(query_name)
for score in scores_needed:
    sum += float(score)
print("{:.2f}".format(float(sum / len(scores_needed))))
Please show us what your code outputs and what you expect it to output
I ran your code and besides you shouldn´t name a variable "sum" as this is a python function it works for me

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