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 Having Trouble with Flask and SQLAlchemy
Just a little tid bit, I've been self teaching my self programming for about a year now (I'd say on average I code/learn 3 times a week, for about 2-3 hours.) All started from some random Ruby class that I took as an elective. At this point I've been learning Python and it's syntax by using Learn Python the Hard way, and now I've moved on to learning Flask with Michel Grenburg's tutorial. At some point during his tutorial I felt like "haha I have this" so I just started kind of doing things on my own. This was a mistake I believe. I've been having a load of trouble with working with databases. I have the html down, jinja templates make sense to me, but whenever I try to do something with any of the models I make either

1. Nothing that I expect to be shown is shown on my web page.


2. I get a lot of weird errors telling me that certain tables don't exist.

It's been a real frustrating experience, and at this point I really can't tell what I'm doing wrong so I've joined this forum to hopefully get some advice. As of now, I've gotten around problem #2, but problem #1 is still giving me trouble. So can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? (I've cut out things that I believe are irrelevant from my examples...)

from app import db
from datetime import datetime
from import generate_password_hash, check_password_hash

class Resource(db.Model): 
    id = db.Column(db.Integer,primary_key = True)
    type = db.Column(db.String(140), nullable = False, index = True ) 
    def __init__(self, type = None):
        self.type = type
    def __repr__(self):
        return '<Resource {}>'.format(self.type)

class Post(db.Model):
    id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key = True)
    resource_id = db.Column(db.Integer, db.ForeignKey(''),nullable=False) 
    resource_type = db.relationship('Resource', backref=db.backref('Post', lazy = True))
    title = db.Column(db.String(200), index = True, unique = True, nullable = False)
    description = db.Column(db.String(200), index = True, nullable = False) 
    body = db.Column(db.Text,index = True)
    timestamp = db.Column(db.DateTime, index = True, default = datetime.utcnow)
    author = db.Column(db.String(140), index = True)
    def __init__(self, title=None,description=None,body=None):

    def __repr__(self):
        return 'Title:{}, Type:{}, Date Posted: {}'.format(self.title, self.posttype, self.timestamp) 
So those are my models. I managed to use the Flask.Admin module in order to create tests for each of them. Now here's my Routes, that are using the models.

def resources():
    posts = Post.query.all()
    resources = Resource.query.all()
    return render_template('resources2.html')
And then finally, my actual template.

{% extends "base.html" %} 
{% block title %} Resources 2 {% endblock %} 
{% block app_content %} 


<section class = "articlesection">
{% for post in posts %} 

<div class = "previews">
  <h3><a href="{{ url_for('{{ post.title }}') }}"> {{ post.title }} </a> </h3>
{{ post.description }}
{{ post.resource_type }} 
{{ post.timestamp }}
{{ }}
{% endfor %}
{% for resource in resources %}
    {{ resource.type }}
{% endfor %}
    <p> FUUUCKOFKEDJAUSOIFDHJYUDSDSFDHFSOIFUDFSJFUDFOIJDFSOIJOFIJPOUOI (this is here basicaly to test if anythings working.....)</p>


<div class = "aside">



{% endblock app_content %} 

I would expect the above code to iterate through all of my Resources and Posts, and then post the attributes that I have specifically chosen. BUT NOTHING HAPPENS! I GET NOTHING! Here's a screenshot of the shown template!


If anyone at all can give my any advice I'd probably love you forever. I've been trying to make this website for a team of researchers for a while and I just feel like shit because I know doing wordpress would be easier but I wanted to learn Flask and now I've been stuck for like a month it feels like :(((( S.O.S
I do'nt see the screenshot, also, you don't pass the posts and resources as parameters to render_template.

return render_template('resources2.html', posts=posts, resources=resources)
Wow I'm really an idiot....Maybe I need to read the documentation more wowwwow. Thanks so much man, idk why the screenshot isn't working for you though, if you click the word image it should have taken you to an imgur page. Note to self, run database stuff as arguments to render_template. Okay.

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