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 Help for newbie with if/else statement that has or statement
Hello there,
I'm trying make a simple code (to practice for loops and if/elif statements) to give a person 3 choices of what kind of book he is looking for. He can do this three times (attempt).
My problem is that no matter what I enter 1.,2. or 3 it returns "you picked Non fiction.
Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
(after trying to figure out myself the problem for about a half an hour it is quite aggravating)
Thank you very much
for attempt in range (3):
    print('What kind of book are you looking for?')
    print('1. Non fiction')
    print('2. Fiction')
    print('3. Text book')
    if type=='1'or 'Non fiction':
          print('You picked Non fiction')
    elif type=='2'or'Fiction':
        print('you picked Fiction')
    elif type== '3' or 'Text book':
        print('you picked Text book')
        print('Try again')
Please see the forum thread Multiple expressions with or keyword
Yoriz I can't thank you enough. (You saved my sanity.) That post you sent me is excactly what I wanted.
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