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 Help on drawing a shape and slider
(Aug-22-2019, 07:29 PM)Denni Wrote: Well try this answer - sorry Tkinter is not my area of expertise ;)

No, that didn't work either. I've tried using the set method after the line with the scale parameters but it still starts with 0 and goes up in increments of 10. Thanks for trying though. I've only been learning Python for 4-5 days now and some parts come easy and others not so much.
Oh I perfectly understand been using pyqt5 only since about May of this year and it had things that I thought might be hard that were easy and things that I thought would be easy that were rather difficult. But all-in-all it is still based on python and that I understood stepping into my current project. However the biggest issue that I have seen on most forums is that folks just do not understand some of the more basic elements of writing good programs. Having a program that is easily read, manipulated and such months or years down the road is of great importance. Learning to do that from get go will help every programmer later on to make their programs more viable pieces of reusable code for themselves and others perhaps if they are so inclined.

Had your question been a pure python question I would have been able to help you but yours is a - how does tkinter work and that set of libraries I have not used having chosen the pyqt5 path instead.
Well, perhaps someone else out there will know the answer. Till then I just keep on truckin'.

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