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Help with writing or plan part of code
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Help with writing or plan part of code
You can try to write it in python for me, but I also accept somthing like a code plan without actual code

There are two dictionaries in first are names of points assigned to cost of each, in second are points which are directly connected in format like this:

Dictionary={"a":"b c","b":"a d","t":"a b"}

So every point is a key in dictionary and have connected points in it separated by Space. The goal is to get the cheepest way to get controll on whole network and the directly connected points to the one that your program is "Buying" are free, so I want to get all names of points that program buy and the cost of all points .

[Image: 97kkD.png]
This is the cheapest way to do this example(Red circles means purchased points, the dots, are from one that are connected.

My English is not perfect so there can be some errors. This is my first post here, so description of my problem can be wonky.
Quote:You can try to write it in python for me

First you need to make an effort, and if you run into trouble, show what you've written, and ask specific questions. We will be glad to help.

You can post under the Jobs forum, If you would like someone else to write (or create plan) for you,
Here's the forum rule for Job postings, if interested in doing so:
  • Jobs are for if you want to pay a Python programmer to do the work for you.
    Or it is for if you have a job opening for a programmer and want to announce it.
    Job offers require salary, wage, or sum amount within the post.

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