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 How can I monetize my app?
Hello, devs, greetings from a newbie. Searched this forum and didn't find any topic regarding app monetization. Since I'm at that point when my app should be released on any upcoming day, wanned to know the best way to monetize my app.
buran wrote Jun-14-2019, 03:43 PM:
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Can you provide more detail? Like... Are you working on a SaaS? Do you plan to distribute something? Are you targeting particular platforms? Are you sure there's a market?
Depends on your app.

Maybe you have a free tier that only has some features, and other features (such as team collaboration) are locked behind a subscription.
Maybe all features are free, but they can buy the app to run on their own servers, if they don't trust your database.
Maybe there's ads.
Maybe there's an energy system, that takes time to recharge, and each action they take requires a certain amount of energy, but they can buy energy packs so they don't need to wait.
Maybe everything's free, with no delays, but they can buy cosmetic items ( a hat) if they want.
Maybe it's free for an hour or two, but requires buying the full version to keep using.
Maybe it's free, in exchange for an acknowledgement that you're selling their email address/interests to 3rd parties, and they'll get spam mail later.
Thnx for all examples. It's actually a game and I'm thinking to make money from giving users enough gameplay content so that some people would like to buy skins or extra levels. But I was thinking of how to add some other monetization ways. I was reading a lot about SDKs with ads but decided not to put them in my app. Does anyone know any SDKs without ads?
The most simple way is to add an ad to it, either cost per click or cost per action one. Another way is to develop additional features that'll be available on a paid basis. All in all, the possibilities to monetize an app are quite numerous and vary from one another, so everyone will be able to find a suitable path.

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