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 How can you update a python application across multiple devices?
I am making multiple applications that I want to update over time. Instead of forcing my users to redownload from a file hosting website or (if I set it up) my own website.

I am using tkinter as a GUI, so I could just have a "Check for updates" button. But I want to discuss the code necessary to make this happen.

I would be using cx_Freeze to compile my program, which probably makes it harder to do it.

So here is an example of what I want.
I would have a folder (let's call it From this file, I will select another file/group of files and this will be the "update". will then send some sort of message to cause the main application ( to run a subprogram which reinstalls the program (this means it will delete the files, then reinstall them).

An alternative thing that I could do is have another on the clients end, this will run and do the same as what the subprogram would do in

The first test I would probably do is just updating a file that replaces a
print("Hello World")
to a
print("Hello Update")
, or something similar.

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