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How do I change wx version dependency?
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How do I change wx version dependency?
First off, I'm not a coder and know nothing about python language.
I want to run trelby, a writing program written in python, on void linux.
I get an error message because the version of wxwidgets installed is 3.03, and trelby is suppposed to use version 2.8.
On debian I was able to fix this issue creating a new trelby.deb package, and editing debian/control to change "python-wxgtk2.8" to python-wxgtk3.0 and then 'make deb'
Since creating a new package on void is more complicated, I would like to know how, or if it's possible, to edit trelby configuration files to make it use wxwidgets 3.0.
trelby source code can be found here


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