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How do I install Python 3.8.1 in a RHEL 8 UBI container?
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How do I install Python 3.8.1 in a RHEL 8 UBI container?
I want to type:

dnf -y install python
and have it install Python 3.8.1 on my RHEL 8.0 or 8.1 inside my minimal container that I want to keep small.

How would I make this happen?

I don't even see a download for Python for Linux on

Do people use Python on Linux?

There are no Linux binaries to be downloaded from

I have searched all over (internet search), and cannot find a way to install Python 3.8.1 easily on a minimal container.

I do not want to download the source and compile, because it is a small container that I am trying to keep small without a lot of overhead.

yum install python3

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