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 How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - exercise solutions
I am using How to Think Like a Computer Scientist to teach myself Python 3.8.4 but the book contains no solutions to the exercises. Is anybody aware of a list of exercise answers for the 3rd Edition dated August 12 2012? Thank you

Google is your friend.
You can use Python 3.8 for all code in How to Think Like a Computer Scientist 3rd Edition (Using Python 3.x)
Python 3.8 is backward compatible for all Python 3.x version.
Only if using new features like like eg walrus operator Python 3.8 or f-string Python 3.6.
Then need to use that version or newer version for those new feature to work.
So lat say the used Python 3.4 for Think Like a Computer Scientist 3rd Edition,then all of that code will work for 3.8.
Greetings Lars 60+

Thanks for your help. I had already found this reference but it relates to the 2nd edition, which apparently has different exercises to those in the 3rd edition. Anyway thanks for trying.

Greetings Snippsat

Thanks for your help it is good to know it is compatible both ways

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