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 How to access all xlsx files in all subdirectories?
How to modify this program if I have more dirs in dir1 to get all xlsx.?
So the xls files are within different dirs in dir1, like

    import glob
    from win32com.client import Dispatch
    for file in glob.glob('C:\Users\igyulavics\Desktop\dir1\*.xlsx'):
        xl = Dispatch('Excel.Application')
        wb = xl.Workbooks.Add(file)
        wb.SaveAs(file[:-1], FileFormat=56)
glob.glob(r'C:\Users\igyulavics\Desktop\*.xlsx', recursive=True)
use recursive=True in glob

Note that you need to pass raw string if using backslash or escape the backslash or use forward slash in path
With pathlib you get a better abstraction.

from pathlib import Path

document_dir = Path(r'C:\Users\igyulavics\Desktop\dir1')
for xlsx_file in document_dir.glob('**/*.xlsx'):
    # xlsx_file is a Path object
    # if you use old libraries, you have to use str(xlsx_file) to convert the Path to a str
This code finds all .xlsx files recursive. This should work also on Windows.
Look here:
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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