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 How to check if window is fullscreen or not
trying to play with fullscreen, to save the last configuration of the screen, i whanted to obtain the info if the window is in fullscreen or not. But nothing works.
I tried with
- .attributes('fullscreen') => this always results in 0
- .wm_state('zoomed') => this doesn'r return a value, or more exact: {str}''

How to check if the window is zoomed or fullscreen?
Working with windows.

Here's my (reduced) code:
    import tkinter as tk
except ImportError:
    import Tkinter as tk

class Window(tk.Frame):
    #def __init__(self, master, **kwargs):
    def __init__(self, master):
        self.master = master
        self.master.bind("<F11>", self.do_fullscreen)
        self.master.bind("<Escape>", self.end_fullscreen)

    def do_fullscreen(self, event=None):
        #fullscreen = self.master.attributes('-fullscreen')
        fullscreen = self.master.wm_state('zoomed')
        self.master.title('fullscreen=' + str(fullscreen))

    def end_fullscreen(self, event=None):
        #fullscreen = self.master.attributes('-fullscreen')
        fullscreen = self.master.wm_state('zoomed')
        self.master.title('fullscreen=' + str(fullscreen))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    root = tk.Tk()
    frame = Window(root)
Note that storing the info in a variable is no option, because other events outside of <F11> and <Escape> can change the window, p.e. clicking on the head of the window and drag it down when fullscreen, is changing the window to 'normal'
I don't have windows but fullscreen = (self.master.wm_state() == 'zoomed') perhaps
Well, if the <F11> is pressed and the function is called, it sets the wm_state to 'zoomed' and on <Esc> to 'normal', so it can be determined with your proposal. But in the case someone clicks on the Maximize or reduce area on the top right of the window, this isn't change the wm_state. So unfortunately there's no reliable info if the window is 'zoomed'/'maximized' or not.
Maybe i must find out how to bind this action of the mouse click. BBut what other additional events can also affect the window fullscreen? (E.g. minimize?)
I just whanted a reliable info about if the window is fullscreen or not. But it seems that there are different kinds of "fullscreen"s...

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