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How to create and define in one line a 2D list of class objects in Python
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How to create and define in one line a 2D list of class objects in Python
I am attempting to create a hex based strategy game, and I am using Pygame for the first time. Also, while I have many years of experience in coding, this is the first time I use classes and objects.

The Hex class needs to be defined with x and y, and when I try to create a MAP list made of hex objects, I do not know how to define in one line the instances:
Class Hex():
  def __init__(self, x, y):
  self.x = x
  self.y = y 
 hex_map =  [[Hex(i,j) for j in range(1,10)] for i in range(1,10)]

Python generates an error because the variable i was not declared when Hex(i,j) is introduced... Is there a way to do it?
See commented corrected code below
class Hex:  # should be lower cass class
    def __init__(self, x, y):  # indent 4 spaces not 2
        self.x = x  # indent another 4 spaces inside of the def
        self.y = y  # indent another 4 spaces inside of the def

hex_map = [[Hex(i, j) for j in range(1, 10)]
           for i in range(1, 10)]  # should not be indent here

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