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 How to extract protocol from a pcap file ?
I developed this code to extract all protocols (transport and application) from a pcap file:


def find_proto(s):
def expand(x):
    while x.payload:
        x = x.payload
if s[0]:
    proto = list(expand(s[0]))
    sProto = ["HTTP", "DNS", "ModbusADU",  "TLS", "TCP", "UDP", "FTP-DATA", "Raw"]
    for p in sProto:
        if p in proto:
            return p
    return "Unknown"
Here I limited the extract to "HTTP", "DNS", "ModbusADU", "TLS", "TCP", "UDP", "FTP-DATA", "Raw" but if I want to extract all the protocol like in wireshark

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