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 How to get cx_Freeze to make folders

I am trying to convert my python project into an executable using cx_Freeze. Script of is as follows:

import cx_Freeze

files_list = ['', '', '', '', 'high_score.txt',
'', '', '', '', 'images/alien.bmp',
'images/ship.bmp', 'sounds/background_music2.wav', 'sounds/explosion4.wav',
'sounds/game_over2.wav', 'sounds/laser1.wav', 'sounds/level_complete2.wav']

executables = [cx_Freeze.Executable("")]

	name="Alien Invasion",
	options={"build_exe": {"packages":["pygame"], "include_files":files_list}},
	executables = executables 
When I execute it, cx_Freeze runs without error. However, when I run the exe file, I get the traceback "couldn't open images/ship.bmp."

The problem is that cx_Freeze is not creating the 'images' and 'sounds' folders. Instead, it is creating all the files within the same directory as the exe file.

I manually created the images folder and sounds folder in the same directory as the exe file and copied the relevant files and the exe file executed flawlessly.

How can I get cx_Freeze to create these folders automatically?

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