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 How to graph a normal distribution?
Hello, if I have a problem in the following way:

x: 20
mu: 17
sigma: 1.1
well before graphing you need to get the Z-score, so I apply the following:

z = (x - mu)/sigma
Now I can just use z in a normal distribution, but here my big problem, as I generate values for the graph.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import scipy.stats as stats
import math

mu = 8
sigma = 2
# here x must be z
x = np.linspace(mu - 3*sigma, mu + 3*sigma, 10)
print(np.linspace(mu - 3*sigma, mu + 3*sigma, 10))
plt.plot(x, stats.norm.pdf(x, mu, sigma))
good in this code x is generated but my doubt is that it replaced x by z and that at the same time I must generate the graph of said variable Exclamation

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