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How to implement class register?
I write this code:
from Database.Tables import Career

class Creater:
    REGISTRY = []
    def register(cls):
        def decorator(child_class):
            return child_class
        return decorator
    def _create_table(self, table):
        return self.connection.execute(code=table.creating())
    def create_tables(self):   
        for table in self.REGISTRY:
from Database import Creater
from Database.Tables import _TextsQuery

class CareerTexts(_TextsQuery.AbstractText):
    TABLE_NAME = 'Career'
    def creating(cls) -> str:
        return '\
        CREATE TABLE ' + cls.TABLE_NAME + ' (\
        id         int,\
        country_id smallint,\
        city_id    smallint,\
        from_year  smallint,\
        until_year smallint,\
        position   varchar(50),\
        PRIMARY KEY(id))'
@Creater.Creater.register AttributeError: module 'Database.Creater' has no attribute 'Creater'
First, the Creator module is loaded, and as far as I understand it, the Creator module doesn’t full downloading and starts loading the Career module. Since the Creator module did not load, we get an error when loading the Career module.

What can i do?

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