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 How to protect P/Cython Code against Reverse Engineering / Decompilation
My old consuli login got lost somehow. Cannot login any more. Cannot use password service. Emailaddress not known any more.

From what you have posted (thanks guys) and another post in the Google Cython User Group, following the links I get the following interim summary (just correct me where I am wrong):
  • Cipher of exceutable code is not possible, only code obfuscation.
  • Python does not natively provide tools for code obfuscation (external tools are required).
  • Compiled Cython .pyc modules (instead of Python code) may be a good start for Pysthon code obfuscation.
  • However, library calls and CPython interpreter control structures cannot be obfuscated.
  • Code obfuscation is a very time consuming job.
  • Thus, hiding the code by programming a (cloud) service may be an attractive alternative.



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