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How to run same process simultaneously
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How to run same process simultaneously
I have a jar and I want to make a python script for linux that checks if the jar is opened in the linux task manager and if its not to open it 5 times. From time to time it should check the 5 processes and when all 5 end open them again.

This is the code that I`ve written in python:

import psutil

import subprocess

process_name = "/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar"

for proc in psutil.process_iter():

process = psutil.Process(

pname =

if pname != process_name:['java','-jar','/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar'])['java','-jar','/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar'])['java','-jar','/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar'])['java','-jar','/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar'])['java','-jar','/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar'])


print("Minim un proces ArhivareProd.jar deja ruleaza !")
When I run it it only opens one jar process

How can I modify the script so it opens up 5 processes ?

procs = []
for i in range(5):
    p = subprocess.Popen(['java','-jar','/root/Linux/ArhivareProd.jar'])
from p in procs:

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