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How to use servo motor with TFMini Distance Sensor in python script?
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How to use servo motor with TFMini Distance Sensor in python script?
I am using Adafruit TFmini distance sensor, with servo motor. I want the servo motor to move when distance sensor senses a certain distance. My code makes the servo motor move continuously, like crazy.

Credits: TfMini distance sensor code is taken from tfmini GitHub, and servo motor code is from raspberry pi tutorials.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*
import serial
import math
import time
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

servoPIN = 18
GPIO.setup(servoPIN, GPIO.OUT)

fire_gun = GPIO.PWM(servoPIN, 50)   #GPIO 5 for PWM with 50Hz
fire_gun.start(2.5) #Initialization

def gunRight():
    #fire_gun = GPIO.PWM(servoPIN, 50)  #GPIO 5 for PWM with 50Hz
    #fire_gun.start(2.5)    #Initialization

    print "Shot Fire The First Net Gun"
    print "Servo Motor Back To Rest Position"

ser = serial.Serial("/dev/ttyUSB0", 115200)

def getTFminiData():
    while True:
        count = ser.in_waiting
        if count > 8:
            recv =
            if recv[0] == 'Y' and recv[1] == 'Y': # 0x59 is 'Y'
                low = int(recv[2].encode('hex'), 16)
                high = int(recv[3].encode('hex'), 16)
                distance = low + high * 256
                #My unit conversion starts here
                dist = float(distance) /100 
                print "Distance to object is:",dist,"Meters"
                #GPIO.setup(TRIG, GPIO.OUT)
                #GPIO.setup(ECHO, GPIO.IN)

                #if dist <= 0.70:
                    #GPIO.output(5, True)   

    if ser.is_open == False:
       for i in range(500):
           if dist <= 0.70:

except KeyboardInterrupt:   # Ctrl+C
    if ser != None:
This package does half of what you want:
perhaps you can easily figure out how to drive servo motor using this for sensor.

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