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 I feel it's my time to give back - so here's a free book for beinngers
Hi everyone!

Firstly I just want to thank everyone in the Python community. I have loved Python from the moment I started using it nearly 5 years ago and the community has made my experience even more amazing!

I've always enjoyed teaching others how to code so I thought I'd do something that could be shared with a wider audience. Early last year I started writing a book on Python for beginners that is free to read online. You may be wondering why? as there's a lot of them out there but I tried to take a slightly different approach with this one.

When I started programming, every book I came by just dove in head first and a lot of the technical stuff flew over my head which didn't help with my learning at all. So, for this book I tried to take a more conversational approach in the writing and not only introduce Python but also some important computer science concepts such as memory and computational complexity. I try to introduce and explain all of this through analogies and real-world examples.

There's exercises included in every chapter too to help you practice what you've been learning. I think they're a good challenge for beginners and should get the brain fired up!

I'd love for you guys to give it a read if you have the time and let me know what you think! And for any beginners out there I hope it serves you well!

You can check it out here: Slither into Python

If you have any questions just fire them my way!

And again, thank you to everyone!

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