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 I love the simplicity of Python but have a question
Can Python code be compiled as an EXE say to run inside a Win Console window?

yes you can with numerous tools. PyInstaller has probably become the best lately.
It's not exactly compiling, but there are applications that can create an .exe out of a Python program.
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Yes,probably the best today is pyinstaller work Python 3.7.
There are several other,but eg py2exe did stoop develop at Python 3.4.
pynsist is packed a installer,also a GUI installer window with the normal next --> next until installed.
Quote:It's not exactly compiling, but there are applications that can create an .exe out of a Python program.

How do they do that? For instance Python allocates enough memory to store a number (correct me if I'm wrong) as it gets it at runtime.

But if it were compiled, and I type a 90 digit number then the code would break..
The executable binary file includes the interpreter and dependencies, if you prefer a one-file-executable. The interpreter runs the embedded Source Code or Byte Code.
It's still dynamic typed.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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Python, initially seems to bo the language I wish to learn. Just want to be able to share code(program) with another user who doesn’t have to execute a scrip with python on their computer.

I have a need to develop utility style programs to work with computations that output to simple text files.


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