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 I need litte help with linking to another website.
I need little help with linking to another website.
Now i know how to make a link in html and use return redirect in route to link.
But my problem is that i need to combine the adress with a string.
Here is an example if i just wanted to link to one singel product on that webpage i
would use this adress ""
But because i am using the their product numbers and its more efficient to have python generate the links
I was thinking something like

string = "2972252" <-- it will be taken from the db in the future this just an example.

Do anyone have any good idea how to do it?
Usual way is to use placeholders (either .format method or f-strings).

With f-strings (3.6 <= Python):

>>> lst = ['spam', 'ham', 'eggs']
>>> for item in lst:
...     print(f'My favourite {item}')
My favourite spam
My favourite ham
My favourite eggs
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As mention bye @perfringo use f-string.
>>> art_nr = "2972252"
>>> url = f'{art_nr}'
>>> url
Thank you.

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