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 IDE for Finance TIME SERIES Data
Hi there,
Appreciate reading this question.
I'm looking for some directions on the below questions:
1. Is there any IDE to generate python code for finance time series?
2. Is there any IDE which has integration with thinkorswim or interactive brokers?
3. Which IDE has better visual/graphical capabilities for finance time series?

Thank you very much in advance!!
Answering your question first, then answering what I think you really meant....
1. Recommend Jupyter Labs for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), get through Anaconda. Reason being that you can execute segments of code ("cells") and not have to execute the entire program from each modification.
2. I know of no IDE that specifically integrates with those vendors
3. The IDEs all support the same libraries.

Now, what you are probably really asking about is Python APIs for accessing the data, and/or libraries. I would still use Jupyter Labs, and use TDA's API calls to get the data ( Would also look into TOSDataBridge.
For display, would use the matplotlib library of functions.

Broadly, you make the calls to the API, get a JSON object that you will put into a Pandas dataframe. Massage the data (the term is wrangle, but I like massage) and display using matplotlib.
Regarding "visual/graphical capabilities for finance time series?" you may be interest in

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