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 IDLEX Extension - A Promising IDE For Python.
Experimentation with various IDE's/Code Editors, including VS-Code, PyCharm, Sublime Text, Atom, Wing, Thonny, Spyder, Jupyter Notes, Jupyter Lab, PyScripter, Ninja, Eric etc. shows that though individually, each of these products has its own salient features, not a single one combines all of the requirements at one place.

Certain basic level requirements are listed below:

01- Complete Integrated IDE, capable of running python code by shortcut key.
02- Quick to open and respond. Simple to use.
03- Facilitate high efficiency & productivity with least unwanted interference.
04- On running the code, the output should get displayed in regular python shell terminal so as to facilitate any quick follow up experimentation directly at the terminal if desired.
05- The code file & output terminal should be in separate windows.
06- It should be feasible to open separate windows for different code files, while the terminal window can be single. The user can also have the option to open different code files on separate tabs in same window.
07- There should be no problem in running code requiring user inputs at run time (e.g. input() function).
08- The terminal should be free of clutter & capable of being cleared to blank state by shortcut key.
09- Option for user setting of background color & fonts for the terminal as well as code editor.
10- On execution of code, the focus should shift automatically from code window to terminal window.
11- The terminal should permit convenient navigation through its contents by Up/Dn arrow & by Pg Up/Pg Dn keys.
12- All windows should remain open till deliberately closed by user.
13- Code editor should have Line Numbers.
14- It should be feasible to maintain all windows (Code Windows & Terminal Window) in their respective maximized state for the whole session.
15- Maximum portion of real estate in code editor window should be available for code itself. Similar approach for output content in terminal window.
16- All windows should have word-wrap.
17- Overall, the whole set up should be able to work smoothly with minimum of extension packages & plug-ins, enabling the user to concentrate on the code & its results, without being overshadowed by the IDE itself.

It seems that IDLEX, though lacking some other sophisticated features (typically associated with heavy weights like VS-Code, PyCharm etc,), is the only IDE that satisfies all the basic level requirements mentioned above, with the exception of word-wrap (hopefully, it might get that too in the near future).

In view of above, it is felt that whenever considering options for python IDE's, IDLEX too deserves a positive mention.
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm. Idlex has been around for a few years now and it is an interesting extension of Idle. May I suggest however that your list of 'basic requirements' is very arbitrary and other IDEs users would be able to write very long lists of missing features in Idlex such as integration with VCS or advanced editor features.

I'm used to Kdevelop but my conviction is that a good editor such as Kate or Vim is sufficient to develop excellent python code. Using for example an auxilliary script to run automatically the code that you're writing is a great alternative to having a shortcut to execute python code.
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(Sep-27-2019, 07:18 PM)Gribouillis Wrote: not a single one combines all of the requirements at one place.
I use different tools that i am happy with,not so concerned that one tools shall do it all.
Example VS Code can run Jupyter Notebooks inside Editor,but JupyterLab dos it better as that was is made for.

Can mention what i use VS Code tutorial main editor all OS,PyScripter(for fast stuff can run code no need to save,good REPL).
cmder as shell Windows,fish or default Linux.
ptpython REPL in shell,review.
JupyterLab for Notebboks eg pandas,plot ect.
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