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 Input and Output Programming
Thanks for letting me join your forum. I am trying to create a simple PLC style controller with Raspberry pi and Python software. I'm very new to programming and looking for direction to start my research? I have done decent amount of searching with no success. My issues is most likely searching the wrong thing.

My project is to create a differential temperature controller for 5 sets of pumps in my water solar system, using 8 temperature inputs.

Thanks for any input.
what have you done so far?
A simple google search using 'PLC style controller raspberry pi' brings up quite a few articles on how to create a PLC using Raspberry Pi
You can get am 8 channel relay controller board for $10.88 here:
Thanks, I started out searching something similar, but have been focused on just general programming searches. I found several posts that may help. Thanks for the amazon link.

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