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Install Python3 & PIP3 & Django on MAC OSX
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Install Python3 & PIP3 & Django on MAC OSX

I have encountered one setback after another trying to install the trio of Python,PIP and Django on Mac OSX virtual environment.

The root cause seems to be:

Mac comes pre-installed with Python 2.7. When creating Virtual environments using VirtualENV, the result is mismatch of versions. A morass of YouTube videos took me so far down a rabbit hole, I've totally littered my machine with pieces that haven't fixed the issue, moreover they have created additional obstacles. HomeBrew seemed like a logical approach but ended up further complicating matters.

I'd love to get rid of v2.7 entirely as I have no need for it however there is much said that discredits this as being a dangerous proposition. Is it really? I'm new to Python, so I'm not sure why I have to have a legacy version adding confusion to things that are normally simple.

I'd greatly value any help you may be willing to share, especially if it could come in the form of Step-by-Step instructions for the use case I identified.

Thanks in advance!
yes on linux and mac you should not remove the default python form the system. But you can have as many versions of python installed as you want.

I cant give you step by step instructions as i dont own or have never owned a mac. Nor would i care to. However linux is quite similar in most cases. So i would suggest this tutorial and install however you install packages python3.x with mac

Once you have python3.x installed it should be as simple as
pip3 install django
also moved out of tutorial submissions

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