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 Installing a python package using pip

This is a continuation of a thread I posted last week .
I have a python package that is a wrapper around some c++ libs with a python interface.
this works absolutely perfectly when you add the location of the pyd to the path and import

I have created a pip install package using distutils.core setup functionality.

The package is created and the tarball is put in the Libs/site-packages location of my python directory.
I then run pip.exe install myPackage.tarball

Pip successfully installs the package . untarring all the files to the directory under libs/site-packages .

If i set my path to that particular directory and import the package into my python script then its all good and i can use the package perfectly.

However, if i open the python environment andjust import ther package.. the package imports perfectly , but i cannot access any of my functions (that i could do when the pyd is part of the path) .

I think it has someting to sdoc with the loader class used to actually install the package .

#this is the script without the pyd location as part of the path

_frozen_importlib_external._NamespaceLoader object at 0x006B7D70>

however, if the package is successfully loaded in the same function call gives .

_frozen_importlib_external.ExtensionFileLoader object at 0x006B7CF0>

So is there a way i can tell pip to is the ExtensionFileLoader instead of the Namespace loader .

any advice here would be great .

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