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 Interpolate using multiple dataframes
I am trying to perform an interpolation based on the input data ( test_data_Inputs) on the test_data data frame. The way I have it set up now is I do it by Peril so so I first created a dataframe that only contained the fire peril (see below) then perform the interpolation on that specific peril group:

The goal is to have a column in the test_data_inputs that has both the Peril Type, and Factor. One of the issues I have been encountering is the situation where the amount of insurance in the test_data_input is a perfect match within the test_data dataframe. It still interpolates regardless of if it is a perfect match or not.

fire_peril_test=test_data[test_data['Peril Type'=='Fire']]
from scipy import interpolate
x=fire_peril_test['Amount Of Insurance']
xnew=test_data_Inputs["Amount of Insurance"]

test_data_Inputs=pd.DataFrame({'Amount of Insurance':[320000,330000,340000]})
test_data=pd.DataFrame({'Amount of Insurance':[300000,350000,400000,300000,350000,400000],'Peril Type':['Fire','Fire','Fire','Water','Water','Water'],'Factor':[.10,.20,.35,.20,.30,.40]})
Appreciate all the assistance

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