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 "Interpreter" page
Why is it python2? If we're exposing an interpreter for people to test things, shouldn't it be the most recent version, or at least 3.x?
For most new users, the major difference is minimal..such as print as a statement VS print as a function, in which it both supports. 

However the interpreter is not just an interpreter linked to the server outputting it on a page. That would be dangerous. It is a fake implementation of python written in js. And we are stuck using whatever version they created and support. Its actually just running in your browser.
Oh. Can we change that? I'm fairly proficient with js, though the effort of changing the parser might not be worth the benefit lol
I have a question about this program. I am just starting to learn Python and would like an interpreter to test code. When I use Skulpt it does not always print. I downloaded the program but that does not start up for some reason. I am running Skulpt in Firefox with Linux OS. Is there a better or easier Interpreter to start with? I am probably not understanding the interpreter.

Thanks Dan

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