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 Invalid archive error when attempting to install dash bootstrap components

When I attempt to use Anaconda prompt to install dash bootstrap components, I am eventually met with this error:

InvalidArchiveError("Error with archive C:\\Users\\name\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\pkgs\\tk-8.6.9-hfa6e2cd_1002.tar.bz2. You probably need to delete and re-download or re-create this file. Message from libarchive was:\n\nCan't create '\\\\?\\C:\\Users\\username\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\pkgs\\tk-8.6.9-hfa6e2cd_1002\\Library\\lib\\tcl8.6\\encoding\\iso2022-kr.enc' (errno=2, retcode=-25, archive_p=1548738328896)")

Is there a way to get around this error without deleting or recreating this file?

Thank you!

Apologies, it was my anti-virus. The problem is fixed.

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