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Invert Pillow image colours
Hi guys!

I've been trying to invert the pixel colours of an image of Harry Potter for about 2 days now. I have a list of RGB tuples that make up each pixel of the image. I want to convert each of those tuples to a list so I can edit them. I've tried list comprehension and it didn't work. I've tried mapping and it didn't work either. I also tried this:

from PIL import Image
import PIL.ImageOps    

image ='your_image.png')

inverted_image = PIL.ImageOps.invert(image)'new_name.png')
And that didn't work.

This is my code:

from PIL import Image  
import numpy as np

im ='harrypotter.png')

pixels = list(im.getdata())
width, height = im.size
pixels = [pixels[i * width:(i + 1) * width] for i in range(height)]

pixels_list = list(pixels)

for i in range(0, len(pixels_list)):
    for k in range(0, len(pixels_list[i][i])):
        pixels_list[i][i][k] = pixels_list[i][i][k] - (pixels_list[i][i][k] * 2)

array = np.array(pixels_list, dtype = np.uint8)

new_image = Image.fromarray(array)
I would be grateful if anyone could help
This appears to work
#! /usr/bin/env python3

# Do the imports
from PIL import Image
from PIL import ImageOps

image ='/home/johnny/Desktop/start.jpg')

if image.mode == 'RGBA':
    r,g,b,a = image.split()
    rgb_image = Image.merge('RGB', (r,g,b))

    inverted_image = ImageOps.invert(rgb_image)

    r2, g2, b2 = inverted_image.split()

    final_transparent_image = Image.merge('RGBA', (r2, g2, b2, a))'/home/johnny/Desktop/new.png')
    inverted_image = ImageOps.invert(image)'/home/johnny/Desktop/new.png')
Before and After
from PIL import Image
import PIL.ImageOps    

image ='your_image.png')

inverted_image = PIL.ImageOps.invert(image)'new_name.png')
And that didn't work.
What did not work?
If i use image from @menator01 the result will be just the same as he has posted.
from PIL import Image
import PIL.ImageOps

image ='start.jpg')
inverted_image = PIL.ImageOps.invert(image)'start_fin.png')
It didn't work for me. It said it doesn't work for this type of image. And I want it to work with all of them. PNG, JPG, you name it. So, I want to do it my way with the pixel tuples. How do I convert ta list of tuples to a list of lists without list comprehension or mapping?
I had a typo in the code I posted but corrected it. I know you said you want to use numpy but, it will convert both png and jpg


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