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 Is this a normal/benign make test error when building python3.6
I've been trying to get a more up-to-date version of python running in a docker environment for ubuntu16.04. Each time I test the compilation there are errors which led me to just retracing steps and just testing the code of an official python docker image based on Debian:
and cutting it off right after the "make" command and running "make test"
It outputs this error at the end:

FAIL: test_attributes (test.test_os.TestScandir)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/python/Lib/test/", line 3273, in test_attributes
    self.check_entry(entry, 'dir', True, False, False)
  File "/usr/src/python/Lib/test/", line 3228, in check_entry
    os.stat(entry.path, follow_symlinks=False).st_ino)
AssertionError: 289524896 != 4380515

Ran 245 tests in 0.474s

FAILED (failures=1, skipped=36)
test test_os failed
2 tests failed again:
    test_os test_shutil

Total duration: 2 min 32 sec
Tests result: FAILURE
Makefile:1043: recipe for target 'test' failed
make: *** [test] Error 2
I don't understand what this error is and why it is occurring. Is it something critical that needs addressing, something annoying but will allow python to work but one feature will be inconvenient, or a benign and unavoidable hiccup in the build process? If I execute, "make install" afterwards, it does just that with no problem, but since I'll be compiling something else using that instance of python I'm concerned that it will be starting on a bad foundation.
have you tried this guy's method?:
I really wish I could do it like that. But for what I'm trying to do it's necessary for me to build upon some specific NVIDIA CUDA images that have ubuntu 16.04 as the most recent version.

That Dockerfile that I linked to contains the code used to create one the images that can be pulled in the tutorial. While translating it from Debian stretch to Ubuntu 16, I noticed the error which persisted when I retraced my steps, running the test right after the "make" command in the original code.

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